International Living Future Institute

Multi Sensory Products [On Demand]

Connecting the Dots: Many of the places we inhabit, and their materials are largely disconnected from the outside and isolated from the simple smells, sounds and textures that make up our seasons and connection to place. Biophilic design principles, can be integrated to help rekindle those essential connections to allow us live life more wholly. Imagine the potential of celebrating Nature completely; through the mind, body and senses, as we hear from this inspirational presenter, as she weaves together her own personal journey of deep connection to place, her experience with one company’s commitment towards market transformation and sustainability built around Biophilia.


Learning Objectives

1: Establish an understanding of the potential of manufacturer’s role in Biophilic design.

2: Identify helpful tools for Biophilic design education.

3: Discuss importance related to multisensory approach in design.

4: Describe value in a systems thinking approach related to Biophilic design.