International Living Future Institute

A New Age of Design: Introduction to the Energy Petal [On Demand]

The Living Building Challenge Energy Petal is intended to signal a new age of design, wherein the built environment relies solely on renewable forms of energy and operates year round in a pollution-free manner. In this 1-hour overview of the Energy Petal, participants will gain an understanding of the strategies and behavior change needed to achieve NZEB Certification. Appropriate for anyone working in the building industry, participants should already have an understanding of the Living Building Challenge. They should be familiar with the Standard and the Imperatives and Petal structure of the Challenge. The session will highlight successful examples of innovative projects, identifying innovative stories of how projects have been successful in changing the energy marketplace.

Learning Objectives
1. Understand the requirements of the Imperatives in the Energy Petal
2. Understand connection between energy load reduction and onsite generation to achieve Net Positive Energy
3. Identify energy generation and conservation strategies
4. Identify Energy Petal Scale Jumping scenarios