International Living Future Institute

Leadership at the Utility-Scale: A Snapshot from San Francisco [On Demand]

So often in conversations about Net Positive Water, utilities are the last entities invited to the table yet utilities are uniquely positioned to drive these solutions forward and hold a larger vision for the watershed.

As Director of Water Resources with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC), Paula Kehoe is responsible for diversifying San Francisco’s local water supply portfolio through the development and implementation of conservation, groundwater, and recycled water programs. In this course, Paula describes her work spearheading landmark legislation allowing for the collection, treatment, and use of alternate water sources for non-potable end uses in buildings and districts within San Francisco. She also summarizes the work of the National Blue Ribbon Commission to support the use of on-site non-potable water systems.

Learning Objectives:

1. Articulate the unique role that utilities play in a Net Positive Water future, and the steps that San Francisco Public Utilities Commission have taken in this direction.

2. Describe the various programs that SFPUC has introduced in San Francisco and their results.

3. Define the way in which you can work directly with your local utility on your next project. 

4. Specify the research that the Blue Ribbon Commission has released and their upcoming resources.