International Living Future Institute

Lessons from the (Drain)Field: Case Studies in Achieving the Water Petal (On Demand)


2017 Living Future Hero Pete Muñoz will report tangible lessons learned from his experience engineering multiple projects pursuing the Water Petal. As a certified wastewater treatment plant operator and licensed engineer, Pete has a deep understanding of the importance of sound science, place-based design and ecological democracy. He will highlight his key lessons from systems around the country, and pull out the universal takeaways for your next project. The case studies he will highlight include the Hassalo on 8th project in Portland OR, Omega Institute in Rhinebeck New York and Sidwell Friends school in Washington DC, among others.

Learning Objectives

1. Describe the design strategies used to achieve Net Positive Water strategies in four projects around the country.
2. Compare the different approaches used and the site-specific conditions that required a differing approach.
3. Identify the main challenges to designing Net Positive Water systems.
4. Summarize the five biggest takeaways for your next Net Positive Water project.