International Living Future Institute

Biophilic Research [On Demand]

It is proven that harnessing the principles of Biophilic design can improve the environmental and economic performance of a space, as well as improving quality of life for clients. But how do we marry the Science with Practice as we implement Biophilic design? Hear from two internationally renowned researchers, authors and educators as they share their insights relative to the most accessible and prominent research associated with Biophilic design, their lessons from the field and visions for research and practice in the future. 

Learning Objectives:
- Gain an understanding of the current overall state of research related to Biophilic design.
- Discuss some of the missing metrics, and research in the field. 
- Learn from experts in the industry as they share their personal expertise and journeys in the field.
- Explore ideas for future studies and developments in Biophilic design.

Judith Heerwagen, Research Psychologist, Office of Federal High-Performance Green Buildings, General Services Administration 
Vivian Loftness, University Professor of Architecture, Carnegie Mellon University