International Living Future Institute

Biophilic Case Studies [On Demand]

Leading by Example: Biophilic design can be integrated as framework on projects to create restorative buildings and vibrant, healthy communities. Illustrating some of the best and most recent examples, hear from the presenters as they discuss their firsthand experience, from an owner’s perspective, for successfully implementing Biophilic design strategies for their projects. In sharing their stories, presenters will discuss their perspectives of the value and benefits of, and approaches in creating a Biophilic design framework, their preferred tools and resources in addition to describing some of the challenges they faced in implementing Biophilic design.

Learning Objectives:

- Understand the value of Biophilic design from an owner’s perspective.

- Gain an understanding Biophilic design integration through case study reviews.

- Hear some of the barriers, challenges and success stories on their project.

- Understand how patterns were implemented by designers, and some of the human and ecological health outcomes they support.


Richard Piacentini, Executive Director, Phipps Conservatory

Mary Davidge, Director of Campus Design, Real Estate and Workplace Services

Nicole Isle, Chief Sustainability Strategist, Glumac