International Living Future Institute

Net Zero Energy Communities and Neighborhoods [On Demand]

There are many opportunities and benefits to planning for Net Zero Energy at the community scale. The advantage to working beyond individual buildings allows resources and infrastructure to be and creates the opportunity for energy balance to be planned on a community scale. This energy plan can then takes into account building use intensity and output. Working on a community or neighborhood scale encourages planners to think more broadly about energy use and include transportation infrastructure and land use in plans to meet energy or carbon goals. This webinar will focus specifically on neighborhood scale systems and solutions, with case study examples, to meet Net Positive Energy goals.

Learning Objectives

1: Achieve a basic understanding of the concept of Net Zero Energy communities as a contrast to Net Zero Energy buildings

2: Understand community scaled strategies such as thermal and electric energy sharing

3: Recognize the role of transportation in planning for Net Zero Energy communities

4: Discuss cutting edge built projects exemplifying best-in-class community energy systems