International Living Future Institute

Net Positive Energy at the Bullitt Center [On Demand]

The Bullitt Center, a full Living Certified building often referred to as the world’s greenest office building, reimagines the design and function of an office building through elements such as daylighting, natural ventilation and rainwater harvesting. One of the project’s defining sustainability characteristics is the angled photovoltaic mounted canopy stretching over the building. Through thoughtful design and operation strategies, the Bullitt Center has achieved an incredibly low EUI of 13 and produces nearly 83% more energy per year than it consumes. In this webinar you will learn the design strategies, materials choices, technologies and tenant engagement programs used to make the world's greenest building Net Positive.


Learning Objectives

1: Learn the key steps in designing a Net Positive Energy building

2: Describe the design tools and strategies used to lower the energy use of this building

3: Identify the systems and technologies used to create this high performance building and how they fit into the target EUI

4: Understand the importance of occupant behavior and engagement in meeting Net Positive Energy goals