International Living Future Institute

True Stories of NZE Buildings [On Demand]

So you want to build a Net Zero Energy building? Where do you start? Where can you learn real life experiences from those who have created Net Zero Energy Certified buildings? Join us for a roundtable discussion from project leaders who have created successful NZEB projects. You'll hear from the owner of a residential project, (then enter some info about the projects) to a leader in the Affordable Housing industry who is making NZE accessible for all. Participants will enjoy the lessons learned and stories shared from this panel of experts. 

Learning Objectives 
1: Understand lessons learned and pitfalls in developing an NZEB project
2: Understand the development process of NZEB from an owner's perspective.
3: Discuss barriers for each project type and strategies on how to overcome them
4: Identify where to find resources and tools to make a NZEB projects a reality