International Living Future Institute

Introduction to Biophilic Design [On Demand]

Speaker:  Amanda Sturgeon, CEO, International Living Future Institute

Leading with a Vision: Could Biophilic design, the practice of connecting people and nature within our built environments and communities, be our most promising pathway to a restorative future, and the key to achieving Living Buildings? Hear from one of the foremost experts on the topic, and current CEO at International Living Future Institute as she offers an overview, and shares her vision for the future of Biophilic design. Learn about current developments for the newly formingBiophilic Design Initiative (BDI), and its objectives for achieving broad adoption of Biophilic design among the design community, building owners and cities. Listen as the speaker’s visions will encourage and inspire you to see the world, and the way we design – differently.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand a brief historical overview of Biophilic design, and current related developments in the topic.
  2. Learn some of the leading reasons to integrate Biophilic design in projects.
  3. Identify some of the leading resources for the successful implementation of Biophilic design.
  4. Explore opportunities to engage in a Biophilic design conversation and community.