International Living Future Institute

Green Neighborhoods Through Alleyway and Right-of-way Revitalization [On Demand]

Alleyways and other underutilized right of way spaces are often considered liabilities rather than potential resources. Community groups in Portland, Oregon had an interest in understanding the potential of local alleyways to become active, vibrant and sustainable spaces and in determining how the transformation of these spaces could be achieved. A group of six graduate students from Portland State University worked to explore the revitalization of alleyway space within neighborhoods resulting in a community plan and interactive toolkit to drive this transformation. 

This course will provide an overview of the Alley Allies project. This course will also explore how revitalized alleyways and right of way spaces can contribute positively to the sustainability goals of buildings and the larger neighborhood. Lastly, this course will review potential strategies and resources that can be used in alleyways and other underutilized right of way spaces. This course is ideal for urban planners, developers, landscape architects, and any sustainability professional or community member interested in unique sustainability or placemaking projects.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Interpret how to apply Alley Allies project methods in your neighborhood
  • Explain how alleyways can contribute to a building and/or neighborhood's sustainability goals
  • Articulate at least five sustainability strategies that can be used in alleyways and other underutilized right of way spaces
  • Describe at least 3 resources that you can use when undertaking an alleyway or right of way project